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dear_damian's Journal

Dear Damian Kindler
Old City
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For people who love Sanctuary, but have a couple of things they'd like to say to Damian Kindler...
What this community is: A place for respectful and constructive criticism of Sanctuary.

What this community is NOT: A place to bash, mock or hate on Sanctuary or any the characters, cast or crew.

The way to get your ass banned from this community faster than John can teleport across the world: Being a rude, foul mouthed smart ass who can't deal with the fact that someone doesn't agree with them. Any of these offenses will do the trick. Just try us. Please. We're itching to make an example out of someone.

What you can expect to find in this community: Intelligent, thoughtful people who wish Sanctuary would be able to reach its as of yet unrealized full potential. People who have unpopular fannish opinions and want a safe place where they can share them with others in a calm, rational and respectful fashion. Fans who can debate with each other civilly and provide evidence for their opinions instead of just making statements without backing them up.


Why are you guys hating on Sanctuary/Damian Kindler?
If we hated Sanctuary so much, we wouldn't waste our breath talking about this show because we would have stopped watching it the second the Hollow Earth storyline began. We don't hate Damian Kindler or the other writers - we just think that maybe they don't do as good as a job as they could, especially considering how many of them are veterans from Stargate SG-1, an absolutely fantastic show that got it right more often than not.

I love Sanctuary just the way it is.
Good for you. If you like, you can join our community and let us know about why you feel that way. We'd love to hear about it. Or alternatively, stay away from our community because our negative vibes will utterly destroy you.

I don't like having to defend myself.
Then go post somewhere else. If you have an opinion, defend it. You don't get to say Will's character sucks unless you have some good reasons why.

Do you have anything nice to say about Sanctuary?
Sure we do. And if you want to say something nice, go right ahead! We'd love to talk about the good as well as the bad.


The eventual (hopefully sooner than later) plan is to pen a letter to Damian Kindler expressing our concerns. Maybe it'll do something, maybe it won't. But at least we'll have tried to do something. So guys, be aware that one day, Damian Kindler may actually be reading what we're writing in this community. Don't write anything that you would be embarrassed to say to Damian (that means 'don't be an ass', not 'don't express your opinions').


Put spoilers behind an lj-cut. What spoilers consist of will be decided in a communal vote, but until then I'm saying that you need to wait three weeks after an episode originally airs before it's not considered a spoiler anymore.

I haven't seen the latest episode yet :(
fastpasstv.com is the place for you.