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3x11 Pax Romana Episode Reaction Post
sanctuary. helen/nikola. {emily_reich}
palmaceae wrote in dear_damian
Loved it, hated it, don't quite know what to make of it? Post your episode reactions here!

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I agree with everything said.

Kate keeps being underused and it's getting really frustrating. The whole episode felt like any other episode. Fun enough, not bad!
BUT it didn't feel like the epic conclusion of a half season worth of plot! It was very bland, because it was too EASY. And speaking of 'worth' ... What was that with Adam? He wanted to steal some weapon and it'd be bad... the end. He ran around a bit and nothing else. I expected something super evil and for his plan to progress a bit further before they stopped him.

I never felt the pressure or the chaos! The trailers has us going "OH MY GOD both the Hollow City and the surface is going to explode in chaos!!" and then... it was like, "Hey, this is a really bad situation lalala okay, now it's fixed."

I didn't feel the drama.

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